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I initially planned on taking my test at the beginning of the year, however due to COVID-19, it was postponed to July 2020. I hadn't driven for months but thanks to Syed, founder of SSM, I was able to regain my confidence within a couple of lessons and managed to pass my test. I highly recommend SSM to everyone - whether you're a beginner, or someone who wants a refresh. Syed is a very experienced and patient instructor, though he somehow has the ability to make each lesson so enjoyable. I don't think I could've passed without him! Thank you SSM!!

Fatima Hussain

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I couldn't have had a better driving instructor!
I always looked forward to my lesson with Syed as they were not only hands on but enjoyable too!!
Syed always managed to bring humour to my lessons and really pushed me to excel. Without Syed I don't think I would have been able to pass first time.
He is extremely experienced and lessons were always organised well.
Syed has become a good friend and I would recommend him to many.


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I have just passed the test at the first attempt and I am over the moon. Syed has been amazingly patient teaching me and was able to calm my ever-present nerves. I can wholeheartedly recommend him. Stress free learning - amazing results!


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Syed was recommended to me by my cousin. I was told he is a patient instructor that is able to adapt his teaching style to suit each student. I found this to be the case and so began recommending Syed to my friends and family who also wanted to learn to drive. So far he has taught about half a dozen of us and I'm sure that number will continue to climb.
I found him to be a professional, thorough, punctual and understanding teacher. Over time, I also found him to be a friendly and genuine person. Since our first meeting, I have come to think of him as a true friend.
I highly recommend SSM to anybody that is considering learning to drive.

Kevin McKeon

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Thank you Syed for helping me pass my driving test first time round, and my brother and 2 sisters. You are like our family instructor, you are well professional instructor, well planned for the lesson, and I really like how you have images of the roundabouts and the roads as it was really useful and easy to understand. I will recommend you to my family and friends. Thank you from myself and my brother and 2 sisters.


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I can only agree with all the other reviews on the SSM website and google. Learning to drive with Syed was great fun! Syed is an excellent instructor, very good at boosting my confidence and tailoring the lessons to my needs. Would definitely recommend SSM to anyone looking for a reliable and friendly driving instructor. Thanks again Syed, you're the master!

Maurizio Della Vedova
Score: Excellent

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Hey Syed, So pleased I passed my test! Couldn't have done it without such a great teacher like you. Thank you so much for being such a patient, fantastic, supportive, kind and fun teacher. I think it is really helpful how you use pictures/maps/diagrams in your lesson, it really makes a lot of the learning much more simple. I also appreciated how you stayed so well-humored and positive, even after such a long time of learning! (I'm officially your longest student right?) Many thanks again.


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Syed makes the person feel relaxed at all times, gives constructive feedback at the end to help you to learn from your mistakes, would certainly recommend him for first time learners. His personality makes him a great instructor.


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Syed is simply a fantastic driving instructor. His patience and encouragement always made me feel relaxed and my confidence increased rapidly week to week. Syed puts the fun factor into driving, is incredibly supportive, and has a great sense of humour!!
He gave me an excellent support for my driving and literally pushed me to the edge! I passed my driving test first time with Syed's fantastic teaching approach and his positive attitude.
I really do recommend Syed to anyone learning to drive. He is the best driving instructor in London.

Dr Shayan Ashjaei

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I would have never believed that I could be a driver and pass my test let alone at my first attempt. Thanks for your support and positivity - it came true. Thanks for giving me 100% focus.


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Friendly, highly professional instructor with limitless patience. Would highly recommend.


I have found Syed to be experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of driving and tests, he is friendly, patient and incredibly responsible person. I have recommended him to my husband when he was looking for driving instructor and gladly would recommend him to anyone. Syed is someone you can trust.


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Syed is a very patient and experienced instructor. I've learned a lot of things from him, it's not just only driving.
I've seen different instructors before I met Syed but he is the best, friendly, also I truly believe he has the ability to communicate with learner drivers and make us understand. Thank you Syed for making this driving experience easy, real and enjoyable. I would recommend to all my friends.


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I enjoyed my lessons with Syed very much. Syed is a fantastic instructor, very friendly, extremely patient and calm.
I felt so nervous about driving but with Syed's help I became really confident and now I really enjoy driving.
I highly recommend Syed to anyone who wants to learn to drive. Thank you very much Syed for all your patience and your help!


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I thoroughly enjoyed learning with Syed. He's unbelievably well qualified and it really comes across in his instructions. Enthusiastic, well prepared, flexible and he's got a great sense of humour. May I add he is perennially punctual. Every lesson was great fun, including a trip to Brighton for the Pass plus! The friendliest driving instructor in London. I wholly recommend Syed to anyone out there wishing to learn to drive or even just wishing to touch up on their driving skills. Thank you very much for such a great driving experience!


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I really enjoyed my lessons with Syed, I learnt to drive very quickly. Very helpful with learning materials, always on time. I would recommend him to any new learners. Thank you, Syed.

Rachael McKeon

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I really enjoyed learning how to drive with Syed. He is a very calm and patient instructor. He does not rush the lessons, he's truthful and skillful.
I didn't need much lessons with Syed because it all was straight forward and quick, he helped me pick it all up easily. He helped me pass my theory first time and also my practical - I would recommend anyone to learn how to drive with syed, they would be driving in no time.
Thank you Syed for getting me on the road.


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It was a pleasure working with such an experienced instructor, not only did I learn from your lessons but you also made it as fun and enjoyable and you always knew how to calm my nerves! You gave me all the help I needed and always told me to give it my best shot. I now am a very confident driver, all thanks to you! I hope to see you on the road one day! Thank you once again for all your help and support.


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Dear Syed,
Thank you so much for all of your help which enabled me to pass my test at the end of the month. I was slightly apprehensive and extremely nervous before starting the course but you helped me gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed. Not only that, but you taught me to such a high standard that on the day of my test I felt a lot more confident than I thought I ever would. You were a brilliant teacher and you made me feel so at ease. If it was not for you, I would not have passed and I would highly recommend you to any learner driver.


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A very enjoyable experience. Syed is a very patient instructor and extremely good at building confidence for new drivers.


I learnt to drive with SSM driving school in a total of two months and passed my test first time. I found Syed very calm and a friendly instructor who has a unique way of teaching people to drive. He was a flexible instructor who fitted my lessons in around my working hours. He was very punctual and was never late meeting me for my lessons. I have recommended Syed to my family and friend who have found him an excellent instructor. I would recommend him to anybody who wants to learn how to drive.

Jason Finn,

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Well when I first started I never had even driven a car or even moved a car backwards and forwards. So I had to start literally from scratch.
Syed was very patient from the beginning and always explained things very well and easily.
One thing I admired about his teaching is that when you did make a mistake he would tell you to park up on one side and explain what the fault you had done and show illustrations in order to truly understand why you have to follow this procedure.
I would definitely recommend him to any family or friends of mine especially if they are starting from scratch.
Had a great time learning, thank you.


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I didn't initially believe that I could be driving confidently so quick, Syed instills nurtured my driving ability excellently and for that reason I passed first time. 10/10 for teaching and definitely 10/10 for the one on one interaction.

Taher Alomani

Thanks for all your support over the last few weeks. The trip to the driving centre was a big success and with so much confidence. Not only did it go extremely smoothly (without question) but, I passed first time, Thank you! I would recommend you to all my family and friends!

Roger Andrews,
W4, London

I had taken lessons with BSM previously and was not happy with the progress that was being made. When I changed my instructor to Syed, founder of SSM, I was able to develop my confidence in driving and managed to pass on my first attempt. Good work Syed!

Rumel Wahid

The first time I sat behind the wheel of a car was in SSM driving school with Syed beside me. After 14 lessons with Syed I got my driving license. It goes to show how good he really is. I truly believe he has that ability to communicate with learner drivers and pass his driving experience and knowledge to us like no other instructor, he is very friendly, patient and amazing.
Thank you Syed for making this driving experience enjoyable, easy and real, and would recommend you to all my family and friends...


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I have never thought I can drive a car, but now I am driving a van! This guy is a miracle worker. It was a pleasure to work with Syed, I would definitely recommend him. He is a very experienced and patient instructor.


What I really appreciate is that Syed is always on hand to answer questions and provide feedback to point out your weak points! I passed with flying colours first time round.

Sam Newbury,

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Dean Willison

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